Cleaning Weeds Off The Street And Get Free Weed? Yes In Maine


Are the streets always this clean in Maine? For one town, Gardiner, Maine they are. Well at least on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 when a company called Summit Medical Marijuana, gave two trash bags to people on a Saturday morning and if a person returned a filled up trash bag the dispensary gave the person 1 gram of dank.


Dennis Meehan, owner of Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner said in the article that he knows it’s not a great business model to give away free things, but says he’s helping people. Dennis, I disagree, it's our motto here at to get people to save extra money or earn money and use that dough to get weed. It’s our “How to get free weed “ guide to smoking. I don’t disagree with helping people; I love helping people and salute Dennis’s efforts to keep his town clean.


Gardiner was one of the towns in Maine considering a ban on the sale of recreational marijuana before the statewide ban was approved. Governor Paul LePage has continuously delayed recreational dispensaries since the voters approved it in 2016. The anti-weed Governor of Maine has vetoed two separate recreational marijuana implementation bills. These acts are anti-democratic imperial ruling at its peak.



"Gifting" marijuana is currently legal in Maine. If more people are interested, I could do some research on gifting free weed in their states and see if I can try to recreate this event that happened two years ago.