Danky Kong by In The Flow


Okay. I give up. My little heart can’t take this relentless teasing anymore. Sun kissed one day, shivering the next.  Sandals one day, wet socks the next. Ninety degrees one day, bomb cyclone the next! And now the rain and snow have come yet again, and I can’t count on the sustained sunshine that will allow these long spring days to slip straight into summer. It’s a bummer. But instead of letting it bum me out, I am deciding to cozy up to the idea of afternoons and evenings indoors. However, to do this adequately, I definitely need the right bud.

Deep chill mode. That is the high I am looking for on cold, rainy evenings at home. After a long day at work and with a profound desire to completely unwind, I want to go into deep chill mode. No stress. No toiling over today’s goings-on. No preoccupation with what I know will be a busy day tomorrow. Just chill time in my comfy home with my dog and my dear husband. So, as I shopped for the perfect high, I came upon Danky Kong and thought it might just be the recipe for a deep chill.

Turns out, Danky Kong is a wonderful way to enjoy an evening at home.  It’s a pure Indica, so the high is relaxed and mellow. And it has a THC percentage of 28.3, so it takes off even the sharpest edge. The fragrance is the essence of the word “dank”, and the taste lingers in the mouth after each hit with a hint of citrus and a slight bit of spice. Overall, a delicious smoking experience, and, even after what seemed like an impossibly long, difficult day at work, the first hit melted the day away in moments.

Danky Kong is a fantastic strain from In The Flow. They are a small business started by a couple of old friends and their wives, and they are a small batch Denver/Boulder grower. That is, they produce only a few strains, but they pride themselves on giving particular care to their plants and the process of cultivation. In The Flow seems to want to provide a product that is high quality and that gives the kind of high one craves. Their website offers brief descriptions of each of their strains, and Danky Kong was perfectly encapsulated their explanation. They are clearly very in-tune with their product. In the future, I plan to try some of their other strains like Mob Boss and Durban. Look out for those reviews!

Until then, I will get to enjoy this chilly evening at home. Listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window, sitting in the recliner with a book, puffing on a fat bowl of Danky Kong. I may make it to summer after all.