Free Weed From the US Government? A Blunt Bailout on National Blunt Day?


I know we here at are always trying to help you get free money to spend on weed or weed products, like blunts for National Blunt Day. So far we have been targeting the big Wall Street Banks, which fleeced middle America during the financial crisis for over a $100 Billion Dollars. But what if I told you that some people get free weed from the US Government? Keep reading if you dare... (I promise it's not scary)


Would you like to take the blue pill and forget that I even mentioned this? Or do you want to take the green pill and see how to deep this rabbit hole goes? In 1976, there was a court decision that created the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program, a silly sounding program for the nation's first legal pot smokers. There were 14 people who were in the program initially, and only four are still alive. And of the four they smoke 20 blunts a day. 4 - 20, its everywhere!


Elvy Musikka, a 72-year-old woman from Eugene, Ore., still receives marijuana to treat her glaucoma. One funny story in this CBS article said that “Musikka was pulled over by a cop while driving through Oregon last September. The state trooper did not believe the marijuana in her possession was legal, because he is a pig and pigs don't even believe there own government, which led to an investigation that put a spotlight on the little-known government program.”


My biggest question was where does this free government weed come from? Are they growing free weed in Nevada on Area 51? Are they bringing it in with the cartels from Mexico? Sadly no, the weed comes from Mississippi, by way of a lab in North Carolina, where the weed is rolled into cigarettes and placed into bulletproof medical steel tins. At least I think the tins are bulletproof. And then the steel tins are sent to Florida and Iowa. Packed inside each can is a half-pound of marijuana rolled into 300 perfectly-wrapped joints.” Lol lol lol government joints! Pure comedic gold! I am going to write my senator demanding I get free government blunts for national security purposes. What kind of government weed will you ask for? And don't forget it is National Blunt Day. Blunt Bailouts For All!

(I know that is a picture of a government agent in a suit with a joint, sorry for offending on National Blunt Day)