Papaya Cake, A Sativa Heavy Hybrid By Leiffa Review


If the hundred degree weather didn’t give it away, summer is in full swing here in Colorado! So I have been looking for a strain of weed that makes me want to take in every minute of these long days – something motivating and invigorating. Is it an oxymoron to say “motivating weed”? Definitely not. With the right dope, one can find herself itching to climb a mountain or jump in a frosty lake. On this particularly sultry summer day, Papaya Cake, a sativa heavy hybrid by Leiffa, certainly got me up and moving.

Though I didn’t venture into the mountains for a hike or find myself a glistening body of icy cool runoff, I found myself eager to complete an art project I have been working on. However, as I needed to make a trip to the art supply store for a few odds and ends, I knew that I needed a little jump-start to get the ball rolling. To my delight, one deep inhale of Papaya Cake gave me precisely the rush I needed.

From the first hit, I started to buzz. I wanted to go. I needed to go. Within minutes, I was on my bike heading to Meininger’s. Without having thought about the time (I never think about the time in the summer), it immediately became apparent that it was high noon. The sun beat down mercilessly and the asphalt radiated pure heat, but my high helped me to remain in my head enough to keep my mind off the temperature as I whizzed past lawns vibrant with foliage and skipped from thought to thought. It was quite a long ride across town, but Papaya Cake made it feel like I was drifting through a cityscape, surrounded by scenes of summer, listening to the hum of my own brainwaves.

Papaya Cake hails from Leiffa, a local grow and medical dispensary that now has its products available for recreational purchase. Upon buying it, my budtender raved about how happy he was that their goods were now available to the public as he had had Leiffa as his caretaker for years. Their medical only dispensary in Lakewood has established a fantastic reputation for their buds and their extracts, and their product available for recreation seems to be held to the same high standard. Papaya Cake, with a 29.7% THC level, certainly struck me as a strain on par with medical strains. I mean, if a toke can act as a mental force field against 95 degree heat, that sounds like a medical miracle to me!

Overall, this weed would likely pair well with any form of summertime fun – especially when you’re feeling like you need a bit more motivation to enjoy the day to its fullest. And, if you happen to hold a Red Card, many of the Leiffa products seem to offer something a bit more powerful with their solventless hash (made chemical free), shatter, and edible items. All of which are offered during weekly deals! So, before the summer is over, take a bit “bite” of Papaya Cake and get out there!