Review: LivWell Enlightened Health


Perhaps it’s the heat. Or maybe it’s the fact that summer has flown by too quickly. Or it may possibly just be that life is chaotic and merciless. I don’t know. But lately I have encountered a good few people that are feeling stressed, exhausted, and at their very wits’ end. So I have participated in several conversations and explored various trains of thought surrounding the idea of discovering what is right for oneself, creating good habits, and finding reasons to feel gratitude. For myself, I have tried to establish a life style that works in my favor to keep me happy, healthy, and at peace. And, no surprise, smoking weed is a part of my harmonious being. That, perchance, is why I was keen to try out one of the LivWell dispensaries. As a reminder to myself to live well.

It is likely that I heard about LivWell by simply seeing a sign for one of their many dispensaries here in Denver. They can boast six locations in the Denver Metro area alone, as well as several others to the North and South. I decided to stop by the location on Franklin Street in the new RiNo neighborhood. It was a bit difficult to find at first as the entry is off the street in a parking lot to what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. This inconspicuous entrance may or may not have been a factor in how promptly I was helped upon entering.

I was immediately greeted by a very friendly gentleman. He checked my ID and invited me back to the store. The store was quite small, but stocked with a great variety of weed products. I happened to be looking for a new cartridge for a very old vape pen, knowing that several other dispensaries did not have refills that fit and doubting that I would find one. However, the helpful budtender took a look at my battery (tip: always bring your vape device battery when buying a new cartridge. It makes the process much easier.) and immediately suggested a range of options that he thought would work. He also let me know that they will exchange cartridges that do not work within three days of their purchase. I was delighted to find something that worked for my battery, and even more delighted to find that his suggestion gave me a potent and enjoyable high once I got home.

After choosing a new cartridge, I thought I would also buy some flower for good measure. Their eighth prices were very reasonable (between $25 and $35), and the budtender mentioned that they have pre-packaged ounces for $90 and half ounces for $50. These prices are even reduced when you become a loyalty member.  Unfortunately, their bud variety was a bit scarce. The budtender explained that LivWell grows almost their entire supply and that recent hail storms had taken out a large portion of their crop. However, he then brought my attention to their other homemade, high quality products. In addition to the variety of oils and distillates, they also carried an extensive array of concentrates such as wax, shatter, and live resin. These are also produced exclusively using their organically grown plants. For someone who prefers to dab, this location has a lot to offer.

Though tempted by the pungent potency of the live resin the budtender offered, I settled on some good old fashioned indica kush. And after a good toke, I was happy that I took the time to remind myself to appreciate the moment and live well.