Review: The Joint by Cannabis


I don’t know about you, but I happen to be a big fan of double entendres. So naturally, the vintage-inspired, 1950’s diner style sign for “The Joint” caught my eye as I moseyed down 38th street. “This must be the joint for a good joint,” whispered my cheeseball brain as I decided to stop in. And it turns out my cheeseball brain was correct!

Like most dispensaries, I gave my ID to a friendly fellow behind protective glass in the waiting room. He kept my ID and let me know that I would be called when they were ready for me. The brief wait gave me the opportunity to check out their daily “Dank Deals” board. And speaking of “the joint for a good joint” – it turns out on Tuesdays one can purchase 5 house jays for a mere $20! Additionally, they have deals on edibles, cartridges, kief, and ounces throughout the week. For the stoner on a shoestring, this place definitely offers several ways to save some cash.

Once my name was called, they buzzed me in and a welcoming young man greeted me with my ID.  When I told him the kind of green I was seeking, he immediately presented me with one of his personal favorites. He pulled out a jar brimming with large, bulging buds whose purple leaves glistened with crystals – a Grape Ape/Straw Dawg hybrid. He said that he had been enjoying this particular strain for some time and that each batch seemed to get even better. Yet, despite the obvious quality of the plant, it was only considered mid-grade among their selection.

Though the small dispensary only consists of a few shelves presenting a variety of strains, the affable budtender explained that they have an extensive process for checking out grows and assuring quality. He described how they tour each local grow and become thoroughly acquainted with the operations before incorporating new buds into their selection.  It was clear that though their assortment is not too extensive, that all of their marijuana product is top-shelf. However, to my delight, their prices would not imply such excellent quality.

My eighth of Grape Ape/Straw Dawg was a straight 45 bucks as a mid-grade bud. The highest quality is $50 and the lower end is $35, but (the best part) all taxes are included! So you don’t have to worry about the total. The price tag is what it is, and it is possible to know exactly how much you’re going to spend when you make your selection. Again, if you don’t have a dime to spare, this place let’s you get in and out without spending more than you planned. So if you’re looking for “the joint for a good joint”, I would highly recommend The Joint.