Say Hello To Bertie And Her Review of Girl Scout Cookies


Hello, 420 Financial Management!


Hello! My name is Bertie. I’m a light hearted, fun loving weed enthusiast. Though I work a nine to five, like most of you, I have taken it upon myself in recent months to focus my mind and my energy on the things I love most in this world – my hobbies and my mota! And I have found that these two things go very well together. Just last Sunday morning I found myself reveling in a moment made perfect by this special combination. 

Vibrant spring light came pouring in the window, spilling onto the hardwood floor. Coffee brewed as I made waffles and sausage. The most splendid of seasons was finally upon us, and I was ready for an indulgent breakfast at my patio table accompanied by some Girl Scout Cookies. 

The perfect way to start the day! I was eager to spend time outside, reminding myself of how much I truly enjoy warm weather hobbies – especially when they’re enhanced by the perfect high.


Girl Scout Cookies: A Review


Girl Scout Cookies has proven itself to be a very fitting strain for delighting in outdoor activities. I had my first toke after returning from Oasis Cannabis Superstore the previous evening. You think that as a superstore they would be the best place to buy weed seeds, but alas that is neither here nor there. Afterward, I passed the last of the daylight hours preparing my garden beds for planting. As I dug in the dirt and cleared away winter’s refuse, I could truly appreciate the high as I sucked in the cool evening air and as I pulled the rake through the soil. I could be present with the scent of grass and the squelch of mud. It was calming. Carefree. So suitably satisfying for an afternoon or evening in the fresh air. 


Girl Scout Cookies is among the many fine strains by Veritas, a Denver based Colorado grower.  They explain on their website that they believe that their buds are meant to “accentuate the best parts of life” and “make the good times higher.” In my opinion, they have definitely accomplished their goal with Girl Scout Cookies. It is a hybrid strain, 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, with a THC percentage of 23.6. That is, it is powerful, but not overwhelming for your regular pot smoker. It is fantastic for adding some zest to more involving or high energy activities, but it would also be quite acceptable for more mellow pass times. It has a sweet taste with a pleasant lingering after taste. With just a few puffs, one can easily put their THC laced vibes toward gratifying activities like gardening, bike riding, exercising, or simply taking the dog for a walk. 


If you have a chance, ask for Girl Scout Cookies at your local dispensary, and enjoy yourself. Tell them Bertie sent you. You may also come across “Cookies” by Veritas, which is a blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Though I have not yet tried it myself, I have been told that it is excellent for a more sedated high. 


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