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Stoner's Saving Plan

There are a lot of good words that start with the letter B. Blunts, Buds and Blazing to name of few of my favorites. Unfortunately, most people think of my next “B” word carries a negative connotation: Budgeting. Most people despise the word “Budget,” because it triggers feelings of confinement or limitation.

Here at 420 Financial Management we do not feel that way, and we hope if you download the Stoner’s Saving Plan and apply its learnings you won’t either. We view Budgets as a tool of liberation. Budgets show you exactly where your money is going. Budgets help you quantify and strategize. Finally, Budgets shine a light on where you can improve, and with a little discipline, you could use your new found funds to get more weed/flower/cannabis!

So let’s start by replacing the word “Budget” altogether. Let’s instead think in terms of our “Stoner’s Spending Plan.”

We know, you’re thinking that we are just playing word games with your mind, but we offer a strategy with a well-defined target. That target being: getting more weed for less money.”

So what exactly is a Stoner’s Spending Plan and how is it different from a Budget? If you feel like you want to start on your journey to getting control of your finances and having more money left over for marijuana and marijuana accessories, follow the link here to subscribe to the 420 Financial Management blog. After that you will be able to get all the hottest tips on how to save as well as our FREE 5-PAGE GUIDE on the Stoner’s Spending Plan.

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